Winnie Tam

Career Growth & Transition Coach


  • 職場管理:增強與上司協作、領導團隊、訂立發展目標、時間管理
  • 初職疑難:提升溝通技巧及自信、建立人際網絡掌握行業發展、尋找職場定位
  • 事業轉型:根據你的價值觀、技能、性格分析、興趣、實際情況等助你尋找轉型選擇


“The 3 career coaching sessions with Winnie were very helpful and insightful. In our first session, Winnie helped alleviating my frustrations in making career decisions. I realized I have the ability to switch paths at different life stages. I also set a clear goal and became more excited about my work. I came to the second session with concerns about my time management. To my surprise, we ended the session with much relief and confidence. In our third session, I learnt to take a longer-term view over the challenges I was facing and let go of the struggles that were bothering me. I am grateful to have her as my ‘ferryman’ to help me navigate to where I want to be.”


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