Shalini Bindal

Career Coach

Specialized areas

Career Exploration and Change
Overcoming Work/Academic Stress
Enhancing Academic and work productivity
Services Details
  • 12+ years of experience in Human Resources Consulting including training and talent management

  • Coach Trainer and Facilitator. I can design, develop and deliver workshops on soft skills

  • Career Exploration and Change, Overcoming Work/Academic Stress, Enhancing Academic and work productivity, Social-Emotional-Communication Skills

Professional qualifications

​Customer testimonials

"Once in a while, we all need to stop and rejuvenate our energies to get back in our routines.But sometimes when we feel that our life harness is losing out from our hands, we need someone extraordinary to reassure us that things are in place and if not then she/he may coach us to get things in place.I was blessed to meet Shalini. She helped me in reassuring that harness was still in my hands by cleansing my thought process which was clouded by several doubts and unnecessary guilt for no reason.Thank you Shalini Bindal. Thank you Kaleidoscope for everything" I truly recommend Ms Shalini Bindal for Transformational Coaching."
"Shalini is an extremely effective coach. She connects with her coachee easily, making the coachee feel comfortable to open up. With her questions and techniques, she guides teenage mind in the right direction to dive deep inside and seek answers from within. Her suggestions to parents on guiding teenage child's is also very much effective and valuable. I would like to highly recommend Shalini as a coach to my friends for their teenage child’s as and when required. Thank you Shalini."
"Life is too fast to sit and realize sometimes that we are individual too apart from mother & wife after having kids. Coaching with Shalini help me realize I am an individual. It’s about my priorities in life it’s about my time it’s about knowing myself within me. I feel like a bird with no regrets in life and wants to open my wings and fly now. I identified my core values in very practical ways and I am looking forward to many positive results now. I highly recommend her for any age be it kids or grown up like us. Thanks Shalini for the amazing sessions with you."

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