Norris Wong

Executive Coach


Everything DiSC® 行為風格剖析和應用
【領導風格和能力】 個人教練啟導服務,助你建立個人領導風格和能力
【個人成長】 發掘你的潛能,發揮個人優勢,增強自信心,面對職場各種挑戰
【職涯規劃或轉型】 認識自己長處,規劃自己的職涯。也為職場中需要轉型的朋友,審視和終結過去經驗,重新出發。


「Norris是非常有經驗的Coach,特別是在我的員工發展計劃和戰略實施方面。Norris幫助我有效地理清思路,採用正確的技術和方法。在每一次的對話中,Norris都引導我制訂自己的行動計劃和方案,並及時溝通和反饋。 我發現自己在日常工作中有明顯的改變,而且我越來越熱愛我現在的工作。感謝Norris這一段時間對我的幫助,真的非常感謝! One Year Later, 很高興又相遇了。在2020年,改變的不僅僅是我自己,而且我也用到Norris的方法引導我的團隊,更高興地看到我的團隊的變化。我相信這次的教練旅程也會讓Celia受益匪淺,真心感謝Norris。」
Head of Customer Fulfilment, China, Chemical Industry
“Norris is very inspiring and intuitive which provided a lot of opportunities for me to reflect on what can be done to resolve the situation by himself. ​ Norris has been encouraging me to practice what I have learnt during each coaching session.  I found that these practicing opportunities were very valuable and I could definitely see major improvements  after the practicing/coaching sessions”
Director, Biopharmaceutical Company
“As a coach, Norris is a neutral observer, wise facilitator and constructive challenger. She did a nice work on walking me through the dilemma and inspired me to identify and explore a way of mentally strengthening. The journey not only helps to build me up to deal with my current challenges but also shapes in me a deeper understanding for professional conflict management.”
Director, Medical & Clinical Affairs, APAC Healthcare Company


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