Michelle Yam

Career Coach


  • 以獵頭HR角度剖析公司人才需求,掌握銀行和金融、IT以及工業和製造業領域市場狀況
  • 將心理測量評估、冥想和正念訓練融入教練方法
  • 服務對象廣闊,能為剛畢業的大學生、從事初級到中高管理層的專業人士制定各種職涯規劃


"I highly recommend Michelle for her exceptional career coaching services. From resume reviews to mock interviews, she provided invaluable support throughout my job search. With her expert guidance, I refined my resume and showcased my skills effectively. She conducted thorough mock interviews, boosting my confidence and improving my interview skills significantly. Moreover, Michelle's extensive network proved instrumental in connecting me with valuable job opportunities. Her dedication and personalized approach made a remarkable difference in my career journey. I wholeheartedly endorse Michelle for anyone seeking professional career guidance, resume assistance, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. Thank you, Michelle."
Senior Account Manager, IT Consulting firm, HK
“I am really satisfied with the exceptional career coaching services provided by Michelle, she has a challenging yet supportive career as a life coach. She is strong in active listening and she works with me strategically to hold me accountable in walking towards achieving my goals. Michelle also has strong knowledge and connections in various industries. She acts as a sounding board and strategic partner who would work closely with me to facilitate me to achieve satisfactory results within a certain timeframe. I would continue to hire Michelle as my coach.”
Business Director, HR Consulting firm, Singapore
"I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments that you provide, pieced together they provide amazing insight. This mixed with your knowledgeable, helpful and patient career coach services is a potent mixture for instigating change. Thank you so much for your help, guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge and overall positive and energetic attitude. I know that I made the right decision to use you as my career coach."
Sustainability Financial Analyst, Foreign Bank, Shanghai


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