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  • 處於職業生涯十字路口或面臨職業變革:我能助他們探索和實現職業目標並規劃職業方向
  • 過渡到更高職級:我能幫助他們發掘管理和領導團隊能力
  • 在工作中面臨挑戰,例如項目管理,人際關係:我可以幫助他們提升潛力和技能來管理項目,並與人建立緊密關係
  • 我具備自願及非訴訟式紛爭解決的資格和能力,我可以為僱用、合同、人身傷害和其他方面的糾紛提供服務


"I have been very fortunate to have Jenny as my coach for a few months. She has been a blessing for my development which has had such a positive impact on me and my overall well-being. In addition, she has helped me navigate some complex issues in my life which have bothered me for quite some time through critical thinking and self-enquires. I also came to embrace that there is nothing more powerful than passionate leadership driven with clarity and accountability."
"It was my blessing to have met Jenny as my coach for my career development planning. She is an enthusiastic, trustworthy, methodical and empathetic coach. With her guidance, I managed to contemplate my genuine values, characters, interests, needs, feelings and experiences which created clarity for my career planning. Jenny also used solid tools and methods like enneagram and meditation to help alleviate my anxiety and boost my emotional resilience. Jenny is definitely a coach that you cannot miss if you need external assistance to make more considered decision."
"It has been a great experience for me talking to Jenny face to face about my career planning. Jenny is a delightful and very experienced coach with whom I could share all my plans and thoughts with honesty. During the 4 sessions we spent together, she listened with care and gave helpful and constructive comments on methodologies/technics. Thanks to Jenny for her invaluable advice and inspiration for new concepts. I highly recommend Jenny to those who are looking for a breakthrough in their career!"


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